High Performance Pack - Boosted


High Performance Pack - Boosted is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

This upgrade kit is designed to fit any Boosted Board (Boosted Stealth, Boosted Plus, Boosted Mini X, Boosted Mini S, Boosted V1, V2, V3) and drastically increase its maneuverability. 
This kit is also likely to work on Boosted Clones (Wowgo 3, Backfire G2T, Ownboard W2, etc.)

Includes Modified Surf Adapter for Boosted Board and extra hardware. 

Installation Video Here

Customer Reviews

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Haven’t been able to install yet.

The surf adapters came quickly and were boxed well. Unfortunately waterborne gave me the wrong riser adapters. I am still waiting on a reply back from waterborne.

Spent 20$ on shipping for receiving and returning. Here's what I learned.

Full Disclosure, I returned my surf adapter... but I spent enough time with the kit to learn a few things that might be useful here. Firstly, Tommy and the people at waterborne are really friendly and made my buying/ returning process seamless. I returned the kit because I ultimately didn't need it, but I recognize it's valuable in certain situations. Mainly, if you want your board to look wild like something no ones ever seen, get this pronto. The thing looked very nice on my boosted board, and it's a very dramatic way to change the aesthetics of your board. I almost kept it because it's such a head-turner. But, I plan to commute with my board more than anything else and I didn't necessarily want the extra weight/ overturning ability. You can push this thing pretty hard and be fine, with standard bushings I didn't experience speed wobbles (really nervous about that before buying) but you gotta be aware of your new turning ability because if you push it a little more than you should have then you might be on your butt in the middle of the street. I didn't fall, and maybe that's a bad judgment because I didn't spend a whole lot of time with the kit... but without the kit I know I can turn as hard as I want and not worry about overturning and that's pretty valuable when you're trying to swerve your way through cars and kids on your way to school. And you're HIGH off the ground with the kit, I didn't feel unsafe but I definitely felt more in control being lower. And while you can carve and turn more aggressively with the surf adapter, without the kit and with some looser trucks I was able to hit 90% of the tough turns I needed to make. I must say it might be a bit easier on your knees with the adapter just because of how many shock pads and such you put into the build. It was a pain to install but their tutorial on youtube is pretty clear. If you have bigger wheels or maybe even an XR battery, you need the riser extension otherwise you'll get wheel bit depending on how aggressively you turn.

Game changer!

This will literally liberate your ride. At first ngl i didnt like it bc i didnt know how to get used to it... but after a couple rides, its the best thing ever