Riptide R1 Black Electric Skateboard

We have teamed up with Riptide Electric to make the R1 Black, the best carving electric skateboard in the world! With an 18 mph top speed, 7 miles of range, black-on-black design, and the Waterborne Surf and Rail Adapters, the R1 Black transforms every ride into a carving session. Its endless fun! The motors and belt drives are insanely torquey and the board can and will pop wheelies!  

No lie the most fun we've ever had on any board, skateboard, snowboard, surfboard, anything! Guaranteed once you try it you will agree. Nothing has this much power and turns this tight. It feels like you are standing on the roof of a Ferrari!

If you already have an Electric Skateboard and want to add the Surf Adapter + Rail Adapter to your board you can purchase them here.


Chasing that feeling

For some reason the feeling of acceleration is one of our primal intoxications. Maybe our ancient ancestors loved cliff jumping, or maybe theres a prehistoric cave loaded with sports cars, but it still remains that we all love to go fast. Its the reason we hit the gas when the light turns yellow, and the reason we put our feet on the bottom rack of the shopping cart when no one's looking. Speed is the reason we bomb hills and the reason we take off on waves. We are all chasing that feeling, and once you give up trying to suppress that deep internal longing for speed you'll thank yourself.  Speed is the reason that Waterborne teamed up with Riptide.