Waterborne Bamboo Block Risers


The story of the Waterborne Bamboo Block risers begins with the original Surf Adapter. It was our first venture into any sort of mass production of a product. Sourcing black plastic riser blocks was all too easy. You can buy huge boxes of them relatively inexpensively. However as time went on and these boxes got larger and larger, it became ever apparent that our footprint, one that would surely outlast everyone of us, was growing as well. With every Surf Adapter made there would also be 2 blocks of plastic. That is a massive amount of ugly plastic blocks being produced under our direction. It was time to make a change. 

We reached out to our industrious friends who are experts in CNC machining wood, and asked if they could CNC our riser blocks from sheets of bamboo. A few weeks later we were stunned at the beauty of the finished lacquered blocks. They really do look great and feel great in your hand. Of course they do also perform their job as risers for a skate truck very well too. However for us the story of the decision to forgo Economy in favor of Ecology is what comes to mind every time we look at these bamboo blocks. 

Ships from: California, or Asia

Customer Reviews

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Stanley Owens
Good wood

I really like my new bamboo risers.They don't squish or crack when tightened down and they blend better with the deck, wood and wood.

Get high with weeds man..

Better material and better vibes..
If imma get lifted with my ride it's gonna be environmentally conscious.
Stay high with waterborne bamboo risers 🎋 and Stay away from plastic waste..

Leo & Pisces


Waterborne Black Bamboo is made by bathing fast growing bamboo in natural dye for 3 days. This allows the material time to soak in its new signature color, all the way to its core. The color will not be taken away by scratches, razor tail, or sun fade. Where other decks are maple wood sandwiched with bamboo venire, Waterborne Black Bamboo decks are 100% bamboo, and extremely robust!



LEO Black Bamboo Surfskate feels at home carving the boardwalk as much as it does riding ramps and bowls at the skatepark.

PISCES High Performance cruiser can effortlessly pump long distances thanks to its rear truck's Rail Adapter. It can zip through your town, local park, or campus with ease.



Our clear-coat griptape is made from 100%

recycled glass. The glass is crushed down to

a consistent grain size, and then tumbled

to take the edges off. It is then sprayed

onto our Black Bamboo decks for ideal

high performance grip, especially when

bare foot skating!

Black Bamboo New Mexican Adventure


is a shaped street deck with a kick in the nose and tail. The familiar deck makes this a great cross over board for anybody who has a background in park or street skating, and has taken an interest in Surfstyle. Lean hard onto your toes or heels, drop a hand onto the ground, and let the LEO wrap a tight circle around you.

Black Bamboo surfskates

We decided to make two surfskates with a classic design, quality feel, and modern style.


is a High Performance take on the cruiser board. The deck shape will be familiar to anybody who's ripped a cruiser through a college campus, across a beach town, or flown down a traffic-free mountain road. The twist on the PISCES is the Rail Adapter on the rear, which enables a much higher ceiling for carving speed. 15mph is the money zone on this board.


Living Water wheels

Our new 2022 urethane formula is a softer wheel and a harder core with the balance of the wheel leaning slightly more towards grip. The rounded edges allow these wheels to grab the ground more gradually after forcing them into a slide so they do not upset the balance of your board.


High Velocity Black Chrome Bearings

Bearings are often a detail that go overlooked in the design of a skateboard. However, these bearings and their packaging were developed to make the most difference in the feel of your board, yet create the least ecological impact.

Waterborne Skateboards Product Warranty | Lifetime Guarantee

All Waterborne Skateboards genuine products are guaranteed to perform through their lifetime. Surf and Rail Adapter Aluminum parts and kingpins are guaranteed never to fail under normal usage. Irregular usage is defined by performing high impact maneuvers, riding over 20mph, or riding while heavier than 250 lbs. Bushings are guaranteed against tearing for 2 years and properly maintained Surf Adapter bearings should last 1 year. If you have any questions or claims about one of our products please contact customer support here: support@waterborneskateboards.freshdesk.com