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Skateboard Surf Adapter

On Back Order. Expect Delays 1-2 week delays.
  • Works with any skateboard, longboard, or drop-through board and all types of trucks to give a riding sensation that is true to surfing
  • Makes your board more responsive - 3x tighter turns, smooth fast pumping, improved flow, increased deck articulation and grip around curves
  • Easy installationInstallation Guide HERE

The Surf Adapter is a durable coupling that mounts between your board’s deck and front truck. Your existing skateboard or longboard will feel completely familiar, but now bolstered with the ability to pump, carve, and control slides with the precision, style, and grace of a well shaped surfboard. Hardware, risers and stickers included.

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Why Choose the Surf adapter

Customer Reviews

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David Szalay
Best part of my board.

This stuff is providing incredible turning radius and unbelivable carving, best buy ever.

Magic Island

Just installed the Surf Adapter on my DOT Board Compact model and it makes all the difference in the world. It turns hard, super smooth, rail to rail action all night long.. A must have for any board!!!


Fun adapter but they pinch a bit on a 14.25 wheelbase. Probably work better on something with a longer wheelbase and a flat nose.