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Due to high demand for Carbon Fiber completes, expect delays of 1-2 weeks. Adapters in Stock!!


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Skateboard Surf Adapter

On Back Order. Expect Delays 1-2 week delays.
  • Works with any skateboard, longboard, or drop-through board and all types of trucks to give a riding sensation that is true to surfing
  • Makes your board more responsive - 3x tighter turns, smooth fast pumping, improved flow, increased deck articulation and grip around curves
  • Easy installationInstallation Guide HERE

The Surf Adapter is a durable coupling that mounts between your board’s deck and front truck. Your existing skateboard or longboard will feel completely familiar, but now bolstered with the ability to pump, carve, and control slides with the precision, style, and grace of a well shaped surfboard. Hardware, risers and stickers included.

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Customer Reviews

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First time surfskating

Loved it from the first time I rode it. Honestly the best option if you have a cruiser and don’t wanna buy a complete surfskate set.

Waterborne in Brazil

It is the second time that I buy. waterborne is the most intelligent surf simulation system. It does not throw the front truck backwards like the competitors. it has no adjustment, nor maintenance. It's the best

Changes the way you ride.

Seriously game-changing. Just a whole different feeling to your carves. If you are worried about stability at high speeds like I was, forget about it. These things make the whole experience a little more magic. For the E-skaters out there, (if your battery enclosure is boxy and near the front of your board) you will need the extender to not have wheel-bite. That being said, I loooove mine. Get one, stop reading reviews and just do it.