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Published October 17,2021

Braille joined Waterborne on our filming trip to New Mexico to test out our new Black Bamboo Surfskates, the LEO and PISCES!

Shredding and sharing our honest thoughts. Skate, surf & snow. Anything that's reviewed on this website is based on experience. If we wouldn't recommend it to our friends, we won't recommend it to you.

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Published on Jul 15, 2019
The best electric skateboard of 2019 that you can't buy! I should say it's "my favorite" board, but we'll go with "best" and watch people lose their dang minds arguing! Hahhaa!
Published on Dec 27, 2018
Shot today with some amazing friends in Ocean Beach for Waterborne Skateboards
Published on Jan 15, 2019
Riding my Meepo campus 2 with the waterborne surf adapter feels like a mix between surfing at low speeds and snowboarding at faster speeds.
Published on Feb 18, 2019
The Pitted Daddy shreds the raw streets of Bangkok on the Waterborne Skateboards Aires model! Surf Skate ripping with a side of Pad Thai!
Published March 5, 2020
Published on Jan 17, 2019
Riding an old beat up sector 9 with a #waterborne_skateboards surf adapter. #waterborne_surf_adapter
Published on Jan 1, 2019
La prima parte del video - montaggio e test dell'adattatore la trovate quí: In questo video miglioriamo l'assetto della tavola con un riser posteriore molto inclinato, é una miglioria utilizzabile con qualsiasi tipo di adattatore surfskate che si combina con i vostri truck.

Published on Mar 3, 2019

Original Braille Skateboarding Aaron Kyro Surf Adapter Review of the Surf Adapter.

Carver C7 vs Waterborne Surf Adapter

Aaron Kyro and the Braille team review the Surf Adapter and the Waterborne Carbon Completes!

Published on Feb 24, 2019

In depth review of the Waterborne Surf Adapter an Scorpio Carbon Complete. Explanation of Surf Adapter mechanism, board customization, and surfskate pumping.

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Everybody has an old cruiser skateboard under their house or rotting away in the garage. You cant get rid of it. Too much sentimental value, nor should you. Adding a Waterborne Surf Adapter to the front truck will bring any beaten up old board back to life. You can have as much fun on it (if not more) that you had when you first stepped on that cruiser so many years before.

This team of videographers and rider Cole Gracia won Best Production and got a Gemini Carbon Complete!

Logan Bradley won the Best Rider category on December 31 2018 and received a Scorpio Carbon Complete!

Winner of the Most Views Category December 31 2018 and received a Scorpio Carbon Complete!

Halley Daivs won Best Production on October 31st with this awesome edit in Nova Scotia and landed herself a Scorpio Carbon Complete!