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Arbor Fish Pintail

Winston Mosher

I put these adaptors on an old pintail deck with RKP's and it's so much fun. You don't need to push the board at all once you figure out how to pump it. Definitely a different feel from any other setup I've tried and it's great.

Creature Pool Deck (9.0")

Delrue Bertrand

Above expectations! Real street surfing!

DB Longboards- 39.5"

Yosi Oren

Packaged nice and had all needed hardware. But I am using DBSkateboard longboard and the hardware to attach the rear Rail adapter were a little short, by a mil.

Element Shovelnose/ Amboard Woodchipper

Bill Apgood

I've ridden other surf skates, but the Waterborne has a unique ride that for me is the best. Added to existing set-ups - just as described - keeps most of the ride characteristics of the original, but adds a whole other dimension of turn, flow, pump and deep carve. A great innovation!

FLOW Surf-Skate  

Bill Apgood

I've ridden other surf skates, but the Waterborne has a unique ride that for me is the best. Added to existing set-ups - just as described - keeps most of the ride characteristics of the original, but adds a whole other dimension of turn, flow, pump and deep carve. A great innovation!

Globe Big Blazer

Mike C

Having a blast after adding the surf and rail adapter! What stands out to me most is the stability...something I have not felt on other surfskate brands.

Globe Cruiser (33")

Dror Cohen

So much fun! Great for practicing surf turns. Especially helpful for practicing keeping ur speed thru the turns. Every little driveway ramp is now a little concrete wave!

Had this thing for about a month now, still getting used to it, but
1) going fast is pretty scary. I reckon you get the most out of it at medium, or even slow speed.
2) the adopter looks and feels sturdy. I reckon it'll last. It is also quite heavy, and having that weight at the end of the board means u have to adjust a bit, especially the kick turns etc.

I mounted it on a Globe cruiser (33 inch long, see pic). That thing was pretty loose to begin with but you cannot compare the maneuverability to that of the adopter. It is a whole other thing. Can't wait to try it on a skate park.

One thing is that the cruiser came with angled spacers so I could not use the ones supplied with the kit. The result is that the front of the board is now a bit higher than the back, but I don't reckon that makes too much of a difference.

I find that this setup is a bit too long for me (I'm 167cm, 63kg, mind u). I think it'd be perfect with an old school 30inch deck with a bit of width to it.

All n all I'm super happy with it. Helps keeps this land bound surfer sane!

Globe Drop Through/ Cruiser

Joel Thompson

I got two adapters, one for myself and one for my 12 yo daughter. It’s like riding a new board, rejuvenating an already great board into an even better carving machine. Not so good for high speed straight runs though, death wobbles and less stable, so tighten the rail adaptor bushes early on and then slowly loosen them off as you get used to the steep board angles and sharp awesome cornering.

Globe Stubby Cruiser

Micah Tompkins

Didn’t work without some heavy grinding to make the adapter plate a bit wider (i was hoping for no modification). It’s a unique feel and I love it. The height addition does allow for more instability but the ride feels more in control almost. My next move is installing on an electric board. I bet that is the most fun

Z-Flex Surf-a-GoGo Cruiser (29")d

Rocky Wright

Really fun riding the board. Feels like surfing.

Gold Coast Pintail / Skateshred Bottleneck & Dancing Deck

Michael Slaughter

The product is good, had some issues with the roller bearings, but that was easily remedied. I was impressed with how easy pumping was. It maintained stability at higher speeds. Starting off can be tricky to until you get used to it, but turns are smooth. Fantastic customer service. Had some slight issues which were promptly taken care of with the customer in mind.

Gravity Ed 55" Longboard  

Bill Goodnough

This is a phenomenal product for the seasoned rider who wants to switch it up. Easily the closest thing to surfing on land.

Hamboards Pinger


There are a lot of innovations on the market but the railadapter (and surfadapter) from waterborne are next level surfskating.

Krooked Zip Zinger

Ian Fox

It's a great product and this innovative device can really improve my surfing stance on and off the water.

Landyachtz Dinghy

Sean Coady / Alejandro Lozano

  Definitely a lot of fun requires a good size deck to get the best action! - Sean         ________________________________________________

      It’s just amazing how hard I can go on my rails! - Alejandro


Landyachtz Dinghy Crown Peak/ ATV Ditch Life Nightfox  


Fell in love with Surfskating. I have the nighthawk ATV from Landyachtz and even though it could carve, with this adapter, it carves even more aggressively and I can even pump easier!

Landyachtz Loco/ Switchblade  

Kevin Span

UNREAL!! I won't skate without one.

I have one on a 40” Landyachtz Switchblade for long curvy cruising.

I put a new one on a 33” Landyachtz LOCO, it behaves a lot like my Yow, but faster.

Landyachtz Dinghy Turbo/ Soda Factory Sofa King

Chris Mescalito

Yeehaw! Made the Esk8 much more fun.

Loaded Dervish

Ryan Carver

Both adapters went on my Loaded Dervish in about an hour. The ride is excellent and I can't imagine ever NOT having this setup on my favorite longboard.

Loaded Omakase

Andres Sira

One of the best inventions ever.

Magneto Mini Cruiser

Christopher Ward

I’m loving the surf and rail adapter! I’m into cruising and carving on my rides and the adapters have brought the fun factor to a new level that I didn’t know existed. I’m so stoked about the flow and the feel after adding these! I’d definitely recommend these as a buy.

"Sweet flow"

Meepo NLS Pro

Itzamna Coll

The tricky part was lining the rail adapter with the screws on the board but I was able to rearrange the two metal plates on it to align them properly.

"...Its pretty wild"

Meepo Mini V2

Micah Rivera

The rail adapter doesn't fit the boards pre drilled holes. I ended up having to drill additional holes in order for it to fit properly, not a huge deal. Sure they're great.

Moonshine MFG Proof


A bored soul renewed and transformed. When I was done for the workweek and need my weekend to relax, I wasn't sure how to. Didn't have much free-time hobbies other than chilling at my home and pretty much wasting the day getting bored. Now when the weekend comes, I anticipate the bright sunny days, hop over to my nearest local park and take my surfskate setup along the way. Got the surf adapter before the rail adapter came out and I was enjoying every moment. Then when the rail adapter was released, I knew I had to get it. I did and it enhanced my setup. I don't know how it could get any better. As weird as it sounds, if I never came across your products, I don't think I would have pushed myself to learn how to skate. Thanks Waterborne for giving this boring soul some life and excitement.

Nijdam Fishtail Stag Skull


Wheels used: Divine Street Slayers 72MM 78A

LOVE SKATEBOARDING AGAIN. I am not a surfer but after purchasing waterborne surf adapter my longboard has become my favourite entertainment. I recommend all skateboarders to make this change if you want to make the most out of your old skateboard or longboard.

Paradise Barrel Wave

Chad Romzek

Super fun addition to my longboard. This product really brings a longboard to life, allowing sharper turns and even some self propulsion. I've found that I still need to push, but maybe I just need to get better at carving. Overall 10/10

Penny Nickel

Alyssa Gonzalez

BEST INVESTMENT EVER. At first, I was a bit skeptical because I was thinking "Oh ok so I'm paying a hundred bucks to loosen my trucks a bit." I've never been more wrong about anything. I don't even know how to explain it. but that first kick-off on the board after I installed them was like MAGIC. This is by far the BEST piece of skate gear I have ever bought. I had some of my friends come over just to try them out and every single one of them instantly purchased. ON top of that. the shipping was really fast and the customer service was amazing. I totally love Waterborne skateboards and I 110% recommend the Surf and Rail adapter.

Powell Peralta Ripper

Dave Hess

Fun af. I put the surf and rail adapter on my Powell Peralta Ripper deck with Gullwing Charger 2 trucks and I like this setup better than the feel of the Carver C7 truck (haven’t tried CX). Zero wheel bite. On mellow hills, you just glide. I’d recommend getting some Mob grip bc you will be up on your edges. If you’re new to surfskate, start on flat ground and expect to work muscles you didn’t know you had.

Trucks and wheels: Gullwing Charger 50 degree trucks, 75mm 3dm Avilas

Pocket Pistols Brad Bowman


Wow from France! ordered for my grand son at my first try, I kept it for me. Should order a second one!

REAL Renewal 8.5"

Brittany Wong

Worth the wait! Due to the pandemic I waited 1 month to receive the adapter and when it arrived it felt like Christmas. Unfortunately two of the hex bolts included were stripped so I couldn’t attach the adapter to my board. Contacted customer service and they promptly sent out replacement bolts the next day. Had to wait another 20 days, but boy was it worth it. Been riding with it for two days now and I’m in love. The added height took a minute to get used to, but I’ve been taking advantage of the empty roads and it’s such a fun flowy ride. Definitely works out a different set of muscles compared to skateboarding. Might need to buy another board now so I have a surf adapter dedicated board. Kudos to the Waterborne team, great product and customer service!

Riptide R1X

Mark Cox

The Waterborne Surf Adapter is so incredibly awesome! It makes my Riptide rip even more and makes it even more fun to ride. So stoked on it! Might have to invest in another adapter for my Boosted Board!

Santa Cruz Rob Roskopp

Kenneth Treece

Super sharp and snappy carving with a wide stable base make it a sweet ride. Purchased the rail adapter to go along with the surf adapter. Wish I would have done so sooner. Game changer

Sanview 42in Longboard

Asa Bodily

Got this so I could practice carving, and surf the streets when when I can't surf waves. Fantastic product, closest you'll get to surfing. Also really steady, thought I might get speed wobbles on the bigger hills but totally didn't. You can carve down moderately steep hills.

Has a pointed nose and a kicktail. 70mm wheels, and I don't know the trucks length. Like to run courses with cones for surf practice, but mainly bomb hills and go for speed and then carve it out because the Waterborne trucks are so amazing!

SchmitStik Yardstik

Greg McGrath

Rad product, science!


Sector 9 Bamboo Cruiser

Ben S

Skateboard Youth Reborn

Waterborne is phenomenal. I skateboarded as a kid and have surfed all my life. I’m in my fifties. Waterborne feels a lot like surfing and so much fun, just carve and surf!


Sector 9 Bamboo Cruiser 38"

Nicole McKenzie

I put the surf adapter and on an old cruiser and turned it into one of the funnest long boards I’ve ever had. Great Product!


Sector 9 Cruiser

Jacob M

I'm 5'10" and find this gives me enough room to stand comfortably and get enough force down through the deck to gain momentum pumping. Really love your product, I'm a novice surfer but it feels more natural being up on a wave and pumping after using your adapters on my surfskate.


Sector 9 Cosmic 2  


Super flex really pairs well with your surf adapter. My huge dog motor pulls me and it’s insane fun. I need to get a video of it. Very happy with this surf adapter. I want one for all my boards now. Thanks for making this!


Sector 9

Greg McGrath

Rad product, science!