Replacement Surf Adapter Bushing


With proper care and maintenance your bushings should last for years. Keep out of extreme heat or cold for maximum longevity. 

If you need to replace for any reason this bushing will make your Surf Adapter ride good as new. 

Waterborne Skateboards

New Mexico Ditch Skating

with Braille Skateboarding


Where to ride?

LEO Black Bamboo Surfskate feels as at home carving the boardwalk near the beach as it does riding ramps and bowls at the skatepark.

PISCES High Performance cruiser can effortlessly pump long distances thanks to its rear truck Rail Adapter. It can zip through your town, local park, or campus with ease.

Let the materials speak for themselves

Waterborne Black Bamboo is make by bathing fast growing bamboo in natural dye for 3 days. This allows gives the material time to soak in it's new signature color all the way to its core. The color will not be taken away by scratches, razor tail, or sun fade. Where other decks are maple wood sandwiched with bamboo venire, Waterborne Black Bamboo decks are 100% bamboo, and extremely robust!

Recycled Glass Grip

Glass is recycled through a process of crushing down to a consistent grain size, and tumbling to take the edges off. The glass is sprayed onto the Black Bamboo deck for ideal high performance grip, and bare foot skating.

Stoneground Wheel Surface

Stone ground surfaces are pre-broken in, which makes breaking into slides right out of the box easier. Power sliding is the on land equivalent of blowing your fins loose like you would on a surfboard. Controlling that action on land is sure to translate into greater familiarity in the water.

Customer Reviews

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Bushings Duro

Would be great if there was a choice of Duro on the bushings to determine the hardness for spring back effect to have different feel. Bought extra bushings as I have multiple waterborne on different deck & setups.
It was quite tough removing the old damage bushing from the adapter. Suggest some lubrication be applied when installing the bushing to the cavity for easier removal during replacement.

victor tabamo
Know your Components!

Very happy with replacement bushings I ordered. After taking the adaptor apart i realized it was more so the washers, bearings and kingpins that needed replacement but it feels good to have a new bushing as well.

From looking at wear and tear from my original bushing, it's clear that these things will last!

Replacement Bushing

Exactly what you need if your adapter doesn't return to center well. Throw in the bearing kit and you have a full rebuild under ten bucks.