FIN System Limiter Basics

TextThe FIN System Limiter is a basic FIN System accessory that allows you to limit the range of motion of a Surf Adapter or DREAM Surf Truck to 30 degrees of rotation. While thats just 15 degrees of pivoting in either direction, it is more than enough to dramatically enhancing the cornering performance of an electric skateboard. Traveling at the speeds that these boards go, means that a few degrees of extra turn, make for a very tight, and fluid feeling arc. The limitation means that riders can use large 6" pneumatic tires on their electric boards, previously not possible without getting wheelbite.

Advanced Esk8 Modification

This video explores the process of settting up an electric longboard (Evolve GTR) with the Surf and Rail Adapters, and then dialing that board into a more ultimate performance machine. Follow along as we enhance stability, ride height, flow, and agility,using just a few simple upgrades.

General Setup tips for Electric Skateboards and Hardware Recommendations

Settign up electric skateboards can be dificult, and in this video we explain what is involved in that proccess, from tricky fitment, to part compatibility, all in the pursuit of making this Evolve Stoke (similar to the Meepo Flow, and other derivatives) ride like it always should have ridden.