There are days where nothing goes your way- days that make you feel like a total loser. Maybe you knock over a trashcan backing out of your driveway and run over your dog pulling back in. Whatever it may be, just know that there's always a way to put a positive spin on things. So pick up that trash, sort the recycling, and dig a nice grave for your dog... And if your life is headed downhill, you might as well be riding a skateboard.



This is by far the most responsive surfskate you'll ever ride. With concave from nose to tail, and the shortest wheelbase of any Waterborne surfskate. You're guaranteed insane amounts of manueverability. The pointed nose and tail resemble a surfboard, and give the LIBRA additional style points.


This board sports a wide deck with Medium concave from the trar truck to the wide tail. It is capable of anything from cruising to shredding steep transitions. The rear Rail Adapter allows for more rail-to-rail lean, meaning maximum performance and forward pumping drive.