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Due to high demand for Carbon Fiber completes, expect delays of 1-2 weeks. Surf and Rail Adapters in stock!


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Aries Carbon Complete

  • Solid carbon fiber deck with NerveFlex™ carbon weave
  • Flexible and durable lightweight deck
  • Surf Adapter on front truck
  • Super carve bushings all around
  • 31" long, 20" wheelbase (78cm long, 50cm wheelbase)
  • 60 mm Fireball wheels
  • Great entry level Surfskate 
  • 100% Made in USA


Voted the most likely to cut you off, the Aries, is shaped like a missile with a kicker and wheels.  

This board features a Surf Adapter on the front truck, which makes it the perfect entry level board for those dipping their toes into the world of surfskates.  

The board is designed to let you effortlessly perform slides, carves, and pump for speed. The deck's concave brings you the familiarity of street skating. 

designed by riders, for riders

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

The rail to rail action on this board is out of this world! The surf adapter combined with the carbon deck and rear adapter, make this board truly feel like a high performance surfboard. It is also equipped with some of the best wheels I have ever seen in my life.

Very robust and perfect size for surfskating!

I was having a hard time finding a sustainable surfskate board. For normal skateboarding, I've moved to bamboo skateboards but traditional boards have wheelbases that are too short and long boards are too long. It's very hard to find a bamboo surfskate board. This carbon board is ideal because it has has cutouts in just the right places to maximize banking angle and it should last for a very long time. One thing I might add is a tail protector because carbon will get messed up quickly when dragged on concrete.

Best board ever

I got this board with the rail adapter custom mounted and I highly recommend. The board is super smooth compared to a traditional wood deck. Overall the product is great and the customer service is amazing!