Scorpio Carbon

  • Solid carbon fiber deck with NerveFlex™ carbon weave
  • Flexible and durable lightweight components
  • Surf Adapter on front truck and integrated Rail Adapter on rear truck
  • Super carve bushings all around
  • 32" long, 22" wheelbase (80cm long, 55cm wheelbase)
  • 60 mm Fireball wheels
  • Great high performance Surfskate 
  • 100% Made in USA

Logical solutions 

Handles adversity well

The sage of the Waterborne fleet, the Scorpio, is the board you can tell all your secrets to.

The Scorpio is the most receptive and immersive riding board on the planet, and it’s the only shortboard with an integrated Rail Adapter suspending the rear truck.  This rear rail adapter compliments the Surf Adapter by keeping all four wheels on the ground during deep carves and letting you carry more speed through turns

Attention To every detail


The Aries is a feather light spring under your feet. It's a board that loves to take flight and turn on a dime. It feels at home riding DIY skate spots and flat ground.

Designed for Flex

Carbon fiber is a material with unique properties. depending on its layer thickness, resin system, and formed shape, it can be stiffer than titanium, or more flexible than bamboo. Carbon fiber strikes a balance between durability, lightness, and flexibility that other materials cannot match. The shapes that we cut from the deck are a form that follows function. The tail of the Scorpio Carbon Complete will deform by a couple on inches, loading up like a spring in turns, and then releasing in a slide, or driving you out with more speed.

High Quality Stone Ground Wheels

Stone ground surfaces are pre-broken in, which makes breaking into slides right out of the box easier. Power sliding is the on land equivalent of blowing your fins loose like you would on a surfboard. Controlling that action on land is sure to translate into greater familiarity in the water.

Braille Skateboarding

Video Review/Destructive test


Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Luke S
Happy so far

I'm a beginner to skating & surfing - bought the scorpio after getting some surf lessons back in the summer and enjoying the waves I managed to catch.

Progress was pretty rapid despite a slow and uncertain start. After a few days' practice I'm able to pump up mild gradients and do some full loops without pushing in my local skatepark.

The board is a lot more capable than me, it can do very tight turns and it feels more stable than I thought it would when pumping or drifting down a gradient. It's mechanically smooth with no squeaks. The big wheels roll over small debris easily without stalling.

Overall really happy so far, looking forward to getting more confident.

Best performance

I've been playing Scorpio for over 5 months, it's very effective.
Smooth, Stunning and durable

Tanatcha Nanta