Hello Waterborne Riders and Community,
It's been a privilege to innovate for you all for yet another year. I wanted to take a moment to reflect on what our small, and passionate team has pulled off in 2023. 
Please take a moment to reflect with us, and appreciate what you all have made possible. Thank you, and Happy New Year!
Waterborne Skateboards 
This year we released our first Artist Series! These boards were created with artwork by artists representing a wide variety of places, and artistic mediums. They all created beautiful works that represent their connection with a life in and of the water. We are so excited to share the 2024 collection with you in the coming months. 
DREAM Surf Truck - The crown jewel of our design team, the DREAM embodies our desire to make the very best truck system. The length of the pivot arm is the key to its smooth glide, and flow at high speed. It's the centerpiece to our complete boards. 
What began as a class clown became the most popular kid in school when we brought a 64" long electric surfskate to a esk8 racing event. The board proved it's worth at taking corners at high speed with control and grace. They weren't laughing at it, they were laughing with it! We are very proud to have made our first electric skateboard this year, and thrilled to show it off at Esk8con this year! 
Rail Adapter V2 - Earlier models of the Rail Adapter could be plagued with a rattling noise, the solution to which eluded us for some time. The previously oval shaped hole that allows the Rail Adapter to pivot, was a tight fit around the Kingpin. A tight fit should keep things from vibrating right? Wrong! Inspired by the innovative work of Venom Bushings and Caliber trucks, an insert bushing now isolates the Rail Adapter kingpins for a completely silent ride. 
The JET-X is our most controversial project ever. People aren't sure if it is a joke, a scam, a representation of all that is wrong with skateboarding. The truth is, it's a skateboard with a powerful combustion jet engine, and and DREAM Surf Trucks. We look forward to improving its performance, and sharing more of it in 2024. 
FIN System Limiter - Last but certainly not least is a product that I has been on my mind for ages! This is a component that interfaces the FIN System holes on a Waterborne truck, to limit its turning. It's very useful on electric boards, and for beginner riders. However it marks the further development of new ideas for the FIN System as a diverse customization technology. Its so exciting to add another facet to its versatility. As always more to come on that front! 
January 01, 2024 — Patrick Dumas