Waterborne takes Product Failure Seriously
Years ago when manufacturing the first Real Production Surf Adapters, (not the first prototype or the first one we used to make videos, but the first ones that would be sent to people across the world). We had received samples from our manufacturer and it did not take very many hours of hard riding on them to determine that these Surf Adapters would bend out of shape under hard abuse. Once they bent out of shape, the geometry was changed, they didn't feel quite the same, and it was clear that these did not meet our expectations. 
    There was a thought that, "it did not really matter, since very few people were going to ride them as hard as we did." It was short sighted thinking, stemming from disappointment in the results of our testing. Remanufacturing is a huge stress for any sized business, but start ups are particularly vulnerable to bad decision making in the face of this kind of pressure. That logic was quickly resisted by an older member of the team who pointed out, "aren't we making these for ourselves, and people who ride like us?" This simple revelation has guided us for many years, and through dozens upon dozens of product developments. 
    We fail constantly, but its the ability to swallow those tough pills that lets us move on, and and eventually develop skateboards and accessories that people trust at their limits. We never shy away from admitting that something can be done better. 
February 19, 2024 — Patrick Dumas