Consider the Lifespan of your Purchase
Quality is Repairability.
You can build the worlds most reliable engine, however if you can't change the oil yourself, then the customer is done a great disservice.
At Waterborne these considerations run deep in our design process. We look at how long something can last. How easily it can be fixed, with what kind of tools?  How much knowledge about those tools does it require?  If you can use one of our products, then you inherently have the knowledge necessary to repair them. Thats an important design criteria for us. A return and repair service is great, but if something doesn't need to be sent back to the manufacturer to be fixed, thats even better for everyone! We have the great satisfaction of knowing that nearly all of the Surf Adapters that we have shared with he world are still on the road today. It's thanks to our careful design consideration, and the confidence of our customers to take care of their hardware. 
February 19, 2024 — Patrick Dumas