Change your Skateboarding Stance
A wide stance gives you more leverage over the board and will help you pump harder from a stand still, especially if you use the tail.  
A narrow stance lets you put more pressure on your rails between the wheels, giving you more hold. A very narrow stance is often considered more stylish and skillful, because it requires excellent balance. 
Stance can feel like something that is natural to you, but really it is something that you can change dynamically. With practice you can get used to wide, narrow, and everything in between. Riding a surfskate or surfing itself is a three way dance between the terrain, and rider, and the board. Each reacts and requires a different reaction from one another.
Practice different stances and you may find your feet naturally dancing to different places on the board as you perform different maneuvers. 
February 19, 2024 — Patrick Dumas