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Gemini Carbon Complete

  • Solid carbon fiber deck with NerveFlex™ carbon weave
  • Flexible and durable lightweight components
  • Surf Adapter on front truck and integrated Rail Adapter on rear truck
  • Super carve bushings all around
  • 39" long, 26" wheelbase (100cm long, 65cm wheelbase)
  • 60 mm Fireball wheels
  • Great high performance Surfskate 
  • 100% Made in USA

Raw Pleasure

Creativity and Wit

The silver tongued playboy of skateboards, the Gemini, features specially designed rails to help you get lower than ever on your turns.  

This is a board that likes going fast while maintaining control, and the carbon deck makes it stronger than steel yet lighter than wood.  It’s fully equipped with a rear Rail Adapter as well as the classic Waterborne front truck Surf Adapter.  The hardware on this board lets it carve through turns like a knife thrown through the air.

designed by riders, for riders

Customer Reviews

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Brooks Gifford III
Is that an electric skateboard?

I'm 40 and surfed since 10 but never really skateboarded much. Several months ago I put front/back adapters on a 20 year old Sector 9 longboard. Instantly hooked. I balked at the price of this one for a while but I was having so much fun with the bolt ons that I couldn't resist and bought this. Only regret is I should have bought it sooner!

It does what it says on the tin. It literally feels exactly like surfing if you're on a perfectly smooth surface. Your front foot feels like the front wheels are sliding on ice but they are actually gripping the ground and rolling not skidding speed so it makes it feel like a board on water. I can't believe how much I've learned about getting more speed from little things I was never able to feel before. I can go from barely moving to full speed in just a few pumps. I can pump up hills that I'd need a low gear for on a bike. I can't believe how much I have learned about surfing technique in the last 3 months. So many subtle little movements. The ability to do the same turn over and over and over and getting instant feedback on foot placement, body mechanics etc. builds muscle memory quickly. I can literally feel it happening on a day to day basis when I'm working on some little technique. Soul arches are very educational. I try to do endless rail to rail roundhouses in the key of a perfectly smooth basketball court. It's easy to never put a foot down, and if I'm doing it perfectly I'm not even pumping. Just accelerating the whole time rail to rail. Mmmmmm.

Yeah I am so ridiculously addicted to this thing. I'm skating HOURS every day/night. Oh yeah, hills. It is great for bombing hills. The front truck seems like it would be sketchy at high speed (i.e. 20mph+) but it's not. And you can turn so hard that it's easier to keep speed under control than a normal board.

I can't believe how steep of a hill I can pump up. My favorite question from onlookers is "Hey is that an electric skateboard?"

very beautifull

very nice and light very long wheelbase great for speed but less responsive than a 31 'skate.
excellent super recommended product. for Italians, watch the customs for the gemini they charged me 80 €

JR Pramawat
Not as good as I thought

The first board must have been a fluke. It must have been a used board or complete before and they just took off the front adapter and couldn't figure out how to take the back adapter off so they just sent it to me. I thought a few scratches on the surface was ok since I'm stepping on the thing and didn't think much of it.

The second board however the Gemini board no back adapter that was fine not a problem I have a set and the extra one they sent me with my first board. But the wholes in the board aren't drilled properly and I can't assemble it. They offered to reimburse me for drill bits and give me a discount on the board but that was yesterday and no response on the second day. I've attached pictures in emails to just waiting for a response. 6/2/21

The board also came in with the finish messed up on the underside more noticeable then the first board. Like the resin had dust in it when it was poured. Not satisfied at the quality control at all for a "premium product."

The quality control in the hardware set that comes with the surf skate adapters is garbage to. The nuts they send are not standard size or are warped and is hard to fit sockets over the nuts. I have 3 adapters from them. One from Amazon and two from this site. Its unfortunate I'm turned off by my bad experience. I was interested in their mid size carbon fiber board the Aries but now not so much. I think I'll be going to better quality surf skate brand for my next few boards and would not recommend waterborne skateboards as a complete skateboard and buy the adapters at your own risk.