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Gemini Carbon Complete

  • Solid carbon fiber deck with NerveFlex™ carbon weave
  • Flexible and durable lightweight components
  • Surf Adapter on front truck and integrated Rail Adapter on rear truck
  • Super carve bushings all around
  • 39" long, 26" wheelbase (100cm long, 65cm wheelbase)
  • 63 mm Rocket Hawgs race wheels
  • Great high performance Surfskate 
  • 100% Made in USA

Raw Pleasure

Creativity and Wit

The silver tongued playboy of skateboards, the Gemini, features specially designed rails to help you get lower than ever on your turns.  

This is a board that likes going fast while maintaining control, and the carbon deck makes it stronger than steel yet lighter than wood.  It’s fully equipped with a rear Rail Adapter as well as the classic Waterborne front truck Surf Adapter.  The hardware on this board lets it carve through turns like a knife thrown through the air.

designed by riders, for riders

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Amazing board.

You can tell these things take lots of handiwork. It isnt a factory perfect finish, but that's expected for something this unique it feels very custom. If it comes out of a factory it had everyone at the bowl fooled. Ride is amazing. I'm clumsy and don't have the smoothest ride but the back spring makes this very forgiving. I only really got bucked off when trying to see what I could get away with. It picks up speed very well. The size is perfect for commuting. I came from a regular 7.75 skateboard, a hyper light element helium, but this with the same wheels and trucks is nearly the same weight. The size is perfect for street or very skaters looking for a commute board. The skate adapter does have a learning curve, I thought of it a bit like snowboarding (my surfing experience is much more limited) and after a while it began to click a bit better. My one wish would be a sightly wider tail because I am using shark wheels and the profile sometimes clips my shoe when I lean or push but that's mostly due to their wave shape and my clumsiness.

Fantastic Surfskate!!

Can’t get enough of the Gemini! I also do have and ride a Carver and a Smoothstar, but the Waterborne Surfadapter is really different and just awesome. In connection with the amazing carbon deck carving turns, flex, stability and comfort really have reached a new level. So glad that I got it :-)


This longboard is the dopest board I have ever ridden. It is so smooth and carves so hard! I am honestly surprised that I haven’t seen more people riding them. The best part is that unlike most companies, Waterborne stands by their boards, so there is no risk in trying one out. It is definitely worth every single penny! Thanks for making such an amazing product, Waterborne! I will recommend your boards and adapters to everyone I know!