Inspired by riding ocean waves and capable of otherworldly performance, Waterborne Carbon Completes are the most technologically advanced and the best designed skateboards on the planet.

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Inspired by A benefit of carbon fiber is its durability!

These decks cannot be broken!

The Aries features a Surf Adapter on the front truck, which makes it the perfect entry level board for those dipping their toes into the world of surf-style skateboards. The board is designed to let you effortlessly perform slides, carves, and pump for speed. The deck's concave brings you the familiarity of street skating.

The Scorpio is the most receptive and immersive riding board on the planet, and it’s the only shortboard with an integrated Rail Adapter suspending the rear truck. This rear rail adapter compliments the Surf Adapter by keeping all four wheels on the ground during deep carves and letting you carry more speed through turns.

The Gemini is a board that likes going fast while maintaining control, and the carbon deck makes it stronger than steel yet lighter than wood. It’s fully equipped with a rear Rail Adapter as well as the classic Waterborne front truck Surf Adapter. The hardware on this board lets it carve through turns like a knife thrown through the air.

Interested in our affordable Skate Adapters?