E-Board Surf Conversion Kit


E-Board Surf Conversion Kit is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

This kit includes a Surf Adapter for your front truck, Rail Adapter for your rear truck and a Carbon Fiber Wheelbase Extender for your Electric skateboard.

Necessary Meepo NLS, Meepo Classic, Meepo V2 & V3, Meepo Mini, Evolve Bamboo Series One, Evolve Bamboo GTX Series Street, Evolve GTR with Street Wheels, Ownboard. If you have a specific E-board to inquire about using with this kit please contact us

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For Riptide Boards please see our High Performance Pack - Riptide

Customer Reviews

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Mike Parker
That feel!!!!

Super happy with the way this thing feels. Admittedly, I’m located in the north east so I’ve only been able to clock a few hours so far, but I liked it so much that I immediately order a second set to use on one of my electric boards. So smooth

John VanderMeer

Bought this product because I wanted my Meepo NLS pro to carve more like my snowboard. It works better than expected. Very stable at high speed. The carbon fiber extension absorbs ruff roads and gives a softer ride.

More Fun, More Convenient, and Some Suggestions for Improvement

I bought and installed the E-board conversion kit recently. Having ridden several times after the installation, I have to say the adaptor make my board (Exway Flex) so much more fun. I am able to carve so much deeper and the board is much more responsive. Because the turning radius is significantly reduced, it also more convenient as I don't have to get off and adjust the board direction nearly as much any more. Couple of constructive feedbacks I would like to give to Waterborne are a) that they really need to do a better job on the installation instruction (there are certain orders that will make the installation much easier and they should also indicate how the carbon fiber extender should be used); b) they need to come with a better design on the rail adaptor (one of the bolt on the bushing can rub against my board's motor during extreme turns).