E-Board Surf Conversion Kit

This kit includes a Surf Adapter for your front truck, Rail Adapter for your rear truck and a Carbon Fiber Wheelbase Extender for your Electric skateboard.


Necessary for Boosted boards, Meepo NLS, Meepo Classic, Meepo V2, Meepo Mini, Meepo AWD GT, Evolve Bamboo Series One, Evolve Bamboo GTX Series Street, Ownboard. If you have a specific E-board to inquire about using with this kit please contact us

Why Choose the Surf adapter

Customer Reviews

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Game changer

When I put these puppies on my e-board the experience felt like I was riding on water. It made it more fun to ride and even going 18 mph downhill felt very stable. No speed wobbles. Easy to assemble, super curvy and a whole lot of fun on the asphalt.


The Waterborne Surfskate Adapter is a must have for any skateboard unless your using it for tricks. With traditional trucks the turn angle is about 30° at the most but with this genius invention you can make 90° turns safely. The look & quality finish is top notch with real carbon fiber on the front extension & rear adapter. You may have to do some mods to make it fit your electric skateboard but it's possible (universal fit) & it will last a lifetime so you can use it for several boards. The faster you ride the less the adapter turns making it more stable than before. It will raise the board height about 2inches but it increases wheel base (w/ ext piece) giving the board more room to flex making my bamboo deck feel like a pillow going over rough cement (more shock absorption). Shipping was fast & customer service was direct as I needed help getting rear bracket installed. He messaged me instantly through Instagram.

Shipping: Criminal / Product: Awesome

Shipping: -5 Stars
~60€ shipping (to Europe) + pick up at custom office + ~40€ custom taxes, because the documents are not EU conform = 100€ for a small light package
= this is not expensive, that is criminal! :(

Product: +5 Stars
it increases the carving range a lot and makes your ride more feeling like surfing