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Rail Adapter

  • Maximize performance of any skateboard, longboard, or drop-through board equipped with the Surf Adapter
  • Carve more fluidly with additional 30 degrees of deck lean
  • Pump faster with less effort
  • Carry more speed through hard carves
  • Easy installationInstallation Guide HERE


The Rail Adapter is a lightweight durable rear truck coupling that maximizes the  performance of any skateboard with a Surf Adapter or other surf-style front truck already installed ...

The Rail Adapter lets your skateboard, longboard, or drop-through board's rear truck lean as hard as the front truck can with the Surf Adapter. The combination of the two makes a buttery smooth ride that can outperform any other carving board or surf skate! Your deck will lean deeply, flowing seamlessly from rail to rail as you drive through smooth, creamy surf-style turns. The feeling of any surfskate with the Rail Adapter is a riding sensation that is even more true to real surfing.

Why Choose the Surf adapter

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il materiale è arrivato ed è di ottima costruzione
devo pero segnalare un problema relativo al pagamento
mi risultano due transazioni a vostro favore
una relativa al prodotto più le spese di spedizione
ed un altra con le spese di spedizione
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Love it

Great for a budget surf skate!

Endless variations and a whole load of fun

Just got the waterborne adapter's a few days ago, fitted it to my cruiser instantly transformed into a surfskate I've been tweaking it every day having no end of fun. Also fitted them to my daughter's dancer omg what a transformation probably my favourite setup so far. If you already have various board's and are on a budget I can highly recommend the waterborne adapter's 👍🏻😁