Rail Adapter™


Rail Adapter™ is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

  • Maximize performance of any skateboard, longboard, or drop-through board equipped with the Surf Adapter
  • Carve more fluidly with additional 30 degrees of deck lean
  • Pump faster with less effort
  • Carry more speed through hard carves
  • Easy installationInstallation Guide HERE


The Rail Adapter is a lightweight durable rear truck coupling that maximizes the  performance of any skateboard with a Surf Adapter or other surf-style front truck already installed ...

The Rail Adapter lets your skateboard, longboard, or drop-through board's rear truck lean as hard as the front truck can with the Surf Adapter. The combination of the two makes a buttery smooth ride that can outperform any other carving board or surf skate! Your deck will lean deeply, flowing seamlessly from rail to rail as you drive through smooth, creamy surf-style turns. The feeling of any surfskate with the Rail Adapter is a riding sensation that is even more true to real surfing.

Style, style, and More style

The Surf Adapter™ gives your board a fluid maneuverability that allows you effortless flow from heel to toe rail to rail. You can link up turns into one endless wave. The system is very intuitive to learn and your own skating style, as well as the characteristics of your own board will be enhanced.

Waterborne vs. the Competition

When it comes to dual pivot surf trucks there are four major systems. Carver C7, YOW Meraki, Smoothstar Thruster and Waterborne Surf Adapter. Waterborne's Surf Adapter is the newest system and the only one that uses a high rebound urethane bushing, just like a skate truck. the Surf Adapter does not rely on a heavy metal mechanical spring and linkages. As a result turns feel fluid and limitless. Furthermore steel springs are susceptible to rust. They need to be maintained and replaced frequently, and there are dozens more moving parts.

Lifetime Guarantee

The Surf Adapter and Rail Adapter have been very well engineered and are guaranteed for the life fo the product. We stress test the Surf and Rail to 1,500 lbs (680Kg) to ensure that they will not break under any circumstance. Each part is made from aircraft grade aluminum for its toughness and lightness, then heat cycled yo ensure stresses are released from within the alloy.

What board is right?

Generally speaking you are going to have the most fun on a board that you are already comfortable with! A board that feels good under your feet is going to feel familiar, yet enhanced with the ability to carve like a surfboard, enter and recover from power slides very naturally, and pump to generate speed. Our riders have tried just about every single setup imaginable, many of which have documented their experiences on specific boards in our review catalogue.

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Kent Elchuk
More Lean and More Comfort

I bought a Waterborne adapter in Canada with risers and rode that. Then, I ordered the adapter and rear adapter. When it arrived, I added it to my one board. Meanwhile, my other board became dormant until I added my second adapter. Since the feeling of riding with the rear adapter was a gamechanger, I ordered another. That second board with a rear adapter was so much smoother and leanier too. You will find everyone tell you this.

Now, let's compare two setups. A Loaded Coyote with 109mm Polar Bear trucks and an Earthwing with 9-inch Sidewinder trucks. The former is like my goto shortboard and the Earthwing is faster and real smooth for a cruise. Both have same wheelbases as I drilled many holes in the Earthwing to reduce the wheelbase.

In the end, two great boards and countless hours of fun.

Graham Parke
Must have

Makes a big difference in the feel and makes pumping easier. Cuts down on nosedives on short boards.

Merrick Doll
So Rad

First I had just purchased the surf adapter and that was so awesome, Then I decided to buy this one and it makes it even better! Totally worth every penny!