Replacement Bearings, Kingpin for Surf Adapter


Replacement Bearings, Kingpin for Surf Adapter is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

This kit includes new bearings for your Surf Adapter, a Kingpin, thick washer, and a lock nut. Bearings wear out from exposure to elements or lack of lubrication. They can be cleaned and their life extended. 

This is a replacement kit in case your bearings are worn to the point that they need replacement. If you need any help feel free to contact customer service.

Customer Reviews

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Great Customer Service

Bearing kit was well packed & oiled in plastic bag however seems there is 1 large washer & thick washer that goes under the kingpin not missing. Tommy was responsive as always. Thanks

Ti M.
Great Customer service, parts

Thanks Tommy for your help.
Replacement bearing and kingpin work well. :)

victor tabamo
Buy multiple sets!

I weight about 205 lbs and really beat up my adaptor. After months of making due with a floppy adaptor I finally ordered a replacement set up and am ELATED!

After contacting Waterborne directly they gave me instructions on how to easily remove the kingpin and just like that my adaptor works like brand new.

I made sure to put tons of lithium grease in with the washers to hopefully improve durability and lifespan of the components.

Since it was so easy to replace I encourage you to order more than one or even buy an extra set for when you make your initial purchase.

It's more painful to wait for shipping than to pay the pennies that this kit costs.